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Who are we?

MING CHENG CTW CONSTRUCTION WORKS is the second enterprise established in 2021 after the first CTW PLASTER CEILING enterprise established in 2012 has forged a name for almost 10 years in the local Perak area as a private medium contractor.

The original owner of these two companies, Mr. William Chai Teik Wah has extensive experience in renovation and construction, he is very committed to expanding his company by offering professional renovation services. Now with a new and proactive image, MING CHENG CTW CONSTRUCTION WORKS has specialized departments in client handling in Perak, Penang & Kuala Lumpur.

Ming Cheng CTW Construction Work
Ming Cheng CTW Construction Work

Kampar, Perak is the company’s central point with 1,400 sqm of office space and 2,400 sqm of material and equipment storage space. MING CHENG CTW CONSTRUCTION has completed production materials and logistics.

In addition to strong support amongst suppliers, we are ready to accept large and medium-sized projects. MING CHENG CTW CONSTRUCTION WORKS now has a total of twenty experienced and skilled workers in the field of construction and five management workers. Having achieved a total of 1.8 Million Ringgit in total construction projects in 2017 and increasing the volume every year. MING CHENG CTW CONSTRUCTION aims to root for the projects it handles is by prioritizing quality and guaranteed client satisfaction.

Health & Safety

Recognizes that health & safety is at the core of its responsibilities.
All fabrication and erection activities of construction products for building and civil structures shall be performed to meet client requirements, contract specifications, other applicable codes, standards, and jurisdictional regulations.

The management shall ensure that effective actions are taken to ensure that this policy statements are endorsed by all employees and is adhered to and constantly improved.

Ming Cheng CTW Construction Work
Ming Cheng CTW Construction Work
Quality Objectives

To exceed the client's expectations in all aspects every time ensure that business development, procurement, testing, and inspection activities are undertaken on any the given project is:
➢Planned and performed to achieve the required quality within budget and schedule requirements.
➢In accordance with contractual and regulatory requirements.
➢Performed correctly the first time to ensure cost effectiveness and efficiency.

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